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Hello! Thank you for your interest in my, daycare. Whether you are changing day cares or starting daycare for the first time, I understand how traumatic it can be for both the parents and children involved. Finding a daycare that meets your child's needs and at the same time finding a provider that you feel you can entrust with your child can be very nerve racking. I feel it is very important for the parents and the provider to have a very open and friendly relationship to best meet the needs of the children.
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To tell you a little bit about my family and myself...I'm widow, and I have three children, Karen (18), Evelyn (17), and Rachel (14). I've been doing daycare for ten years. I chose to do daycare because of my love for my children, not just because I wanted to stay home with my own children. That was an added bonus. I am licensed to take care up to twelve children. I believe in running a controlled and safe, but friendly environment. I am very proud of the fact that children love coming to my house and complaining when it's time to go home even when they've been here the entire day.
My daycare is a family daycare. Although I have many preschool projects that I do with the children, I do not treat my daycare like a preschool. We have a family setting and my focus is to teach the children life skills such as respecting others, sharing, polite manners, following instructions, responsibility, anger control and problem management. I feel that these skills are mandatory before children enter a school setting. I've had many children, including my own, who did not attend a preschool, but who are excelling in school because of the skills they have learned in my daycare. Many parents who come from bad experiences are amazed at how quickly they notice the wonderful changes in their children after they start here.
My children, Karen, Evelyn, and Rachel are also very interactive with the kids. They are very experienced with the children and excellent role models for kids younger than them.

My hours for daycare are 7:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. I'm always willing to work with a change in schedule that fall within these hours. If I'm able, I'm willing to go outside these hours on occasions. I ask that you respect these hours, and be here on time to pick up your children. My own kids are involved in evening activities that quite often require me to get across town by 6:00p.m. If you have a job that would make it difficult to be here by 6:00p.m on some evenings, then I ask that you request in time, so that I can arrange something with my staff.
My vacation policy states that I will take up to four weeks of vacation time per year. In August, I take an unpaid vacation for two weeks. This time off is prescheduled with plenty of notice given to you. I send out memos throughout the year notifying you about upcoming vacations. I realize the importance of having a dependable daycare provider. In the ten years that I've done daycare, I've had two sick days. Once was because I was too sick to do daycare, but I still had my assistant run the daycare.

I've had many happy families go through my daycare. I take in how satisfied I've been able to keep the families that have chosen this daycare. I've had several families who have stayed for numerous years until their children enter school/ I've also had several families who have returned after circumstances such as a job lay-off, loss of job or a move forced them to leave. Although I know it is possible to find a less expensive daycare than mine, I also know that it would be hard for you to find a higher quality daycare than mine.

Thank you for considering my home for your child's enjoyment and development!